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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy Birthday CorpoAlert!!!

Its being 1 year since the site was launched i.e, 4th April, 2007. In this one year

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Control the nextgen iPods by your eyes..

wink to change song on iPod

Its true, A Japanese researcher has developed a new technology that will allow users to control their iPods by just blinking their eyes. With this new technology sensors clipped to a pair of glasses / headphone detect movement in the user’s eyelids. Different movements will trigger different iPod functions. Close one eye and blink the other to skip song or close both eyes to pause the song etc etc. But what about accidental clicks?


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

We are on Leave!

Hello friends,
Its quite sad on our part that, we have been unable to post anything in here, since the last sometime and also won't be able to do so for a month.

Actually, as mentioned on the About Us page, we the posters/owners here on are students of Class XII. And if you are a bit concerned of education systems out there, you will know that Class 12 students under CBSE are going to have board exams from 1st March, which are to end on some 4th April.

We, Team CorpoAlert would have our exams ended on 27th of March. After that, we would be back in full motion with everything you like. We Promise that when we are back, you will get to see a lot more new features in here.

But, our leave doesn't mean total leave. We will always try in our free time to post something or the other interesting in here, if its important. So, to keep in Touch with us, you can subscribe to our feeds.

Till then, Just a Good Bye from us, and hope for a Good Luck for Exams from you. We regret for the inconvenience.

Team Corpoalert

Monday, February 25, 2008

Reliance Power Board Approves Bonus Shares in 3:5 Ratio

In the Board meeting held today (the 24th of February, 2008), the Reliance Power Board approved the proposed Bonus Shares to be issued to all the share holders of Reliance Power. This was announced in a Press Release, which can be read here.

The Board approved free Bonus Shares in the Ratio of 3:5 (i.e. 3 Bonus shares for every 5 shares held) to all Shareholders (excluding the Promoter Group), subject to necessary approvals.

As the Press Release Says,
Rs. 269 per share for retail investors, 40% lower than the IPO price of Rs. 430.
Rs. 281 per share for other investors, 37% lower than the IPO price of Rs. 450.

The loss is to be incurred by the Promoters. And to save Reliance Energy's share in Reliance Power, Anil Ambani is to contribute personal shareholding by 2.6%. This issue of Bonus shares, will decrease Anil Ambani's Share from 45% to 40% (approx).

This Bonus Share issue has been a great step towards saving Reliance Power's continuous falling of prices, which were slightly recovered with the announcement of this issue. But then again had stopped increasing with another announcement by Anil Ambani saying that the Bonus Shares will be issued only to those share holders, who don't sell off their shares for at least 60 days.

Another thing to note in here is that, the present press release, mentions nothing regarding this 60 days condition, except for a few words "subject to necessary approvals".


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

NRI making global mark

NRI businessman S Sivasankaran, who hit the headlines in 2005 by selling his telecom business Aircel to Maxis of Malaysia for $800 million, has acquired a Norwegian shipping firm, JB Ugland Shipping (JBUS), for Rs 1,200 crore. Mr Sivasankaran, who now heads the diversified Siva Ventures as the group chairman, confirmed the development.
Mr Sivasankaran told ET that the group has identified shipping as a key business area considering its growth potential. “For shipping of bulk commodities, the demand from India is likely to see an explosive growth on the back of the increased raw material demand for the new power and oil refining projects coming up in India, a large number of which are based on imported raw materials,” said Mr Sivasankaran.
JBUS is a Norway-headquartered shipping company with a fleet of 40 owned and long-time chartered vessels with an aggregate capacity of approximately 2 million deadweight tonnage (DWT). The company’s fleet consists of a mix of tankers and chemical and bulk carriers. The fleet has an average life of approximately four years. It is also acquiring new vessels which will be delivered in phases over the next three years. The company’s main operations are centered in Oslo, Norway and Singapore.

Microsoft goes harsh on Yahoo!

When Yahoo Inc board rejected Microsoft Corp's unsolicited $41.6 billion takeover offer on Monday, forcing the giant software maker to either sweeten the bid or adopt a hostile approach to clinch a deal, saying that it has 'undervalued' Yahoo Inc., Microsoft is now trying another way of getting the deal done, the harsh one as suggested earlier that it reserves the right "to pursue all necessary steps.".
Microsoft Corp will authorize a proxy battle for Yahoo Inc this week to convince the Web company's shareholders to agree on a takeover deal that the Yahoo board so far has rejected.
Quoting people briefed on the matter, the Times Web site said that Microsoft, which has been expected to raise its cash-and-stock bid originally worth $44.6 billion, would seek to nominate a slate of directors by March 13, if Yahoo's board did not enter talks.
"Microsoft is doing the smart thing. It's giving both the carrot and the stick," said Morningstar analyst Toan Tran. "The carrot was the big premium on Yahoo stock and now the stick is the threat of a proxy fight."

Sunday, February 17, 2008

eBay sellers on strike against new policies!


eBay sellers are about to go on strike, in protest of the new eBay policies and fee hike! No Buying No selling!. The movement has been gaining momentum with the official strike thread on the community running over 11000 posts. Starting from eBay US the strike is spreading across eBay Australia, eBay UK and even eBay India!

"Ebay Has elected to change their policies that will affect thousands of sellers all over the world. It is time to fight back...Join our Crusade Feb. 18 - 25 and ban to NOT Sell or Buy on Ebay. We have a voice!!!"

Youtube Videos, Yahoo groups, eBay forums, and emailers are being used to promote the strike. eBay's proposed changes are ready to take effect from 20th Feb, this will now overlap the strike during the week 18-25th Feb.