Sunday, April 8, 2007

Entrepreneurship In India

Entrepreneurial ferment is in air. The concept of entrepreneurship is growing at a much faster rate in India. Economic activities based on new and creative ideas cannot be easily detracted. Thus for a country like India, targeting 9% growth rate to be achieved in the coming years the concept of entrepreneurship can be a real boon.

Entrepreneurship is the willingness to take responsibilities and the ability to cope with it from inception to completion. It’s all about grabbing opportunities at the right time. In other words it may be defined as a responsibility to cause a vision to become a success. The entrepreneur has an enthusiastic vision, the driving force of an enterprise. They promote the vision with enthusiastic passion.

It is strongly believed that new ideas inculcate in young minds.
In order to shape and bring out the ideas, formal training and education is required. Though India has umpteen numbers of various types of colleges and universities offering different kinds of education but there is still a vast scope for improvement. The demand for higher education is continuing to increase with more and more students wanting a higher education today than ever before. To satisfy this increasing demand new universities have to be set up.

Entrepreneurship requires mental preparation rather than physical one. We have sufficient resources to cope up with entrepreneurial challenge. The only thing we require is to take the plunge. Indian entrepreneurs like Dhirubhai Ambani, N.R Narayana Murthy and Vijay Mallya are the kings in their field. The success in Silicon Valley by Indian entrepreneurs shows the doors of opportunity to the budding entrepreneurs.

One of the positive aspects of entrepreneurial development in India is the enthusiasm among the youths. Students are declining job offers to become an entrepreneur as they are getting good work experiences during their
internship. They are more confident and want to do things of their own.
“IIM-A has often being criticized for not producing entrepreneurs” says a spokesman at IIM-A. But in recent times two of the second-year post- graduate student of IIM-A refused to accept an offer of 1-crore salary as the want to set up their own enterprise. It’s a good sign that students decide to plunge instead of going for lucrative jobs.
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