Thursday, April 26, 2007


Various works and projects are taken on by Indian Information technology units to make the students ‘EMPLOYED’ and to carry on their works. More than 3 lakh students graduate from the the engineering background. But techno-experts believe that thay are very less expert and they have very less knowledge about the industrial sector. So, around a lakh student are actually perfect. It take them quite a time to get to the level of somewhere near the EXPERTS. At the time, when the firms are becoming more competitive, India is lacking the Technical expertise.

Hari T, Head of HR, Satyam said, "Today, the campuses are the primary supply base of professionals to the IT industry and they are the biggest partners for our growth. But I feel that the curricula of engineering colleges do not meet the industry needs. That way, the industry is moving; the academia needs to keep pace”. It is also worth mentionable that engineering colleges in India lack proper guidance and teachers or faculties.

To searh for the best of the engineers, Infosys, through its ‘Campus Connect’ programme, aims at helping engineering graduates to suit the requirements of the IT industry. Wipro has also launched ‘CodeZap Guru’ that aims at developing code writing ability of final year engineering students and supports them with training materials.

Another company, Satyam, has introduced ‘Campulse’ which reaches out to campuses and helps them strengthen their ability to service the industry. Through these, companies get to know more about students, their ideas, etc. The students too can become more expert in every field.

Microsoft is no far in this matter. To make students technically brilliant right from their college level, they have come up with ‘Security Shootout’. Accenture, has also launched 'Campus Corridor'.

All these are helping the companies to get better experts. The students also seem quite excited in taking part in the activities of these giants of the IT INDUSTRY. It acts as a bridge between the upcoming talents or the FUTURE in IT Sector and the various companies.
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