Thursday, April 26, 2007

More job opportunities for Indians at banks

Investment banking is now named in the top 5 industries preferred by the students of premier engineering colleges of India. This came up in a recent survey among Under Graduate Students. Students from IIMs and IITs prefer banking jobs which give them high salaries. So, it is obvious that a large number of jobs will be required in the recent future.

In this regard, many Multinational banks including those in Europe and America are taking attractive decisions for especially Indians. ABN Amro and British banking giant Barclays have jointly thought of expanding up to 10 thousand jobs to low cost location of India. As many as 6 foreign banks will hire 50 thousand Indians in next few years. The employees would be transferred from other developed countries to the developing country of India-which is the 2nd fastest growing economy of the global world.

By increasing the number of employees by 8 thousand by 2008, UK banking giant will increase its strength to 30,000.
UK-based Standard Chartered Bank also plans to double its over 5,000-strong India headcount in the next three years, crossing the total number to more than 10 thousand. Besides, a number of European banks, such as Dresdner Bank of Allianz Group and Royal Bank of Scotland, are seeking to expand their presence into India. So, after all a number of attractive job opportunities for Indians, after a long wait, though. So, the problem of over-population in a country like India will no longer be problems.
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