Sunday, April 8, 2007

Reliance giving Cheaper GAS

Reliance Industried Ltd (RIL) has announced that it would be supply gas at cheaper rates, but not on LPG cylinders. RIL says once its city gas network is in place, it would be supplying gas at much cheaper rates comapared to LPG cylinders.

At present, a 14.2kg (Net Weight) gas cylinder costs Rs. 300 (excluding subsidy of more than Rs 125). RIL will be supplying the same quantity of gas for just Rs. 200 to Rs. 220, as told by President and CEO of RIL P.M.S. Prasad.

Mr. Prasad, giving details about the GAS PIPELINE project, said that RIL had already commenced the laying of its line on the East-West pipeline network from the KG Basin and would complete the work by June 2008. While the East-West pipeline would connect Kakinada (Andhra Pradesh) to Jamnagar in Gujarat, another line would go up to Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu. Two more lines would be laid from Mumbai to Kochi and from Kakinada to Haldia in West Bengal, investing between Rs. 25,000 crores to Rs. 30,000 crores. Eventually, this network would be connected to the GAIL's gas grid so as to link major towns in South India. Mr. Prasad said that it was not viable for the company to supply gas at US $ 2 per Million Metric British Thermal Units (MMBTU), as sought by the Andhra Pradesh Government. While the per MMBTU price at wellhead worked out to US $ 3.5, the company could supply at US $ 4.5.

He also said that the prices of Oil and Gas could not be regulated by one country as they were driven by the market.
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