Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Yahoo! ties with McClatchy and other newspaper giants.

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Yahoo!, the internet giant is on the way of expanding its alliance with newspaper publishers. it has now added the McClatchy chain and four other companies to the online ad-sharing network formed recently.

This ad-network now comprises of 12 publishing companies which represent 264 U.S. newspapers. All these have agreed to collaborate with Yahoo in selling advertisements. They will also be kicking of the rival search engine giant from their online editions and would feature Yahoo's search engine. The newspapers will offer their advertisers a chance to buy space on Yahoo's Web site and will accept online display ads sold by Yahoo.

When asked regarding the financial terms of the deal, none of the parties were ready to say anything and described the deal as "a revenue-sharing agreement that is advantageous to both sides when cross-selling occurs."

Yahoo! is trying hard to fight its rival, Google in all terms. This deal is also a part of that as far as it seems. It may even be a part of Yahoo!'s plan of expanding its publisher options which currently lie only for the U.S. and U.K. for all, to give a neck-breaking competition to Google's Adsense.
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