Friday, May 11, 2007

Promos In Cells, Number Leaking and Phone Tapping

Everyone today is disturbed by the promotional calls and SMSs in the mobiles. These are unwanted calls and no one requires them. They offer their services of loans, marketing and downloads and these really fed ups every one of us. They create wide problems in our private life as well. TRAI has issued several notices to mobile companies.
The main thing here is that how does our number reach them and how do they know everything about us-our requirements, our needs?? It’s none other than our cell phone service providers who leak out our numbers for big deals.

Anyways, getting private numbers and circulating them without permission is a crime. The war against this crime first began in 2006, when HP chairman, Patricia Dunn, decided to launch a secret investigation into how actually the private decisions of the company came in press. It might be the board members or the senior officers. The job was given to a private investigating company, who tracked the records of the calls of the media-persons.

Even if passing on people's personal phone numbers in some situations can be deemed legal, is it right? After all, H-P's chairman had the support of her board and senior executives to carry out the investigation into the Press leaks. The problem arose with the means by which some of those numbers and email IDs were obtained and monitored-or 'hacked'. This is patently illegal.
The mobile phones are tapped and there are many-many promotional calls in the fastest growing mobile phone market in this world market in the world. Even the Apex Court In India “Supreme Court” has made it illegal. But who actually cares in India. The private numbers become public in no time and this must be stopped.
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