Friday, May 11, 2007

Spiderman’s Web spinning…

The most awaited movie SPIDERMAN-3 is now on screens. The people are eagerly waiting for SPIDERMAN not just for viewing it, but it’s quite important and significant from the side of marketing and promotion in India. Percept Pictures, which will spend around Rs. 10 crores in marketing Spider-Man 3 in the country, has roped in as many as eight brands for promotions around the movie. This might be the first Hollywood movie getting so many sponsors.

Brands that are doing promotions and marketing for the movie are- Ceat, Baskin Robbins, HDFC Standard Life, Yamaha and Let us see what the companies are actually doing for its promotion- Sony Ericsson has launched several phones pre-loaded with Spider-man contents (wallpapers, tones, games). HDFC has launched a wide campaign explaining security and protection measures. Baskin Robbins has launched special and limited edition ice cream called “Spiderman flavours”, having more cream in web-form. PVR cinemas are trying to make it even more popular among masses. They have been distributing goodies bags and masks.

This movie has been the centre of attraction of attraction of all. Similar promotional techniques were taken up during Spiderman 2, Star Wars, James Bond and Harry Potter. People are really crazy and their craziness is increasing to no limit.
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