Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fast foods now to be targeted towards adults, not children.

At last, the continuous campaigns by people all over the world opposing unhealthy fast foods and their advertisements have led to some fruit. Global fast food companies like Kelloges have now themeselves made up some strict deadlines regarding their fast food advertisements.

$11 billion company Kelloges has announced that it is going to stop its ads which are targeted for children below 12 years of age. It has further announced that it won't advertise any of its product in any media untill it satisfies some standard food guidlines. For example, every product should have minimum 200 calories, no transfat, sugar to be less than 12gm etc.

Kelloges have also planned to remove characters like Spiderman and Shreik from its ads. Though some other companies' characters like Tony & Tiger will still be there. Experts say that the licensed characters like Spiderman and Shreik have more impact than the companies' own characters.
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Earlier to this, international company Unilever had eradicated all its slim-trim models from its ads and had announced that it would use small childrens only in healthy food items' ads.

In the recent times, even McDonald has targeted all its ads towards adults. Indian company Frito Lays has also started targeting its ads of Kurkure and Lays brands towards adults. Though Cheetos is still being targeted towards children. Pepsi Co. Ltd. Chairwomen Indra Nui had earlier given the slogan "Performance with the Purpose" for proper service for the society in which corporate world operates.
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