Monday, July 9, 2007

Gates No longer The Richest!!!

After 13 long years as the reigning monarch of the wealth stakes, Bill gates is no longer billionaire number 1. He has been disposed by an unlikely figure- a jowly Lebanese Mexican telecom magnate named Carlos Slim Helu who is probably worth around $67 billion and still counting.

carlos is followed by William Gates III with $56 billion, Warren buffet with $52 billion, Ingvar kampard & family with $ 49 billion and in the 5th place in Lakshmi Mittal with $ 32 billion. The estimate of Slim is based on calculations made by Mexican financial website Sentido Communacations. fifures for the other four are based on calculations made by Forbes in its latest Billionaire List of March.

bill gates Slim Helu
Bill Gates and Carlos Slim Helu

Carlos Slim wouldn't have climed so high in the wealth stakes if the Mexican stock market hadn't been rising. Sentido Commun, the finacial website which pronounced him the world's richest man, pointed out that the share price of his America Movil had climed 27% in recent months, while Telmax and Microsoft moved up by 10% and 5% respectively
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