Sunday, August 19, 2007

Modern Post-Office of India with Foriegn Exchange

Indian Post Office is constantly changing. Since people now use modern features like Telephone & Internet, the work and income of post offices is constantly decreasing. So, they have now started shifting themselves to other works.

Adding to this process, Post Offices of Metro cities will now be dealing in Foreign Currency. Not only this, other services include Goods transport, Instant Money Order and other income increasing services.
post officepost
For this, Post Offices have got the license to deal in foreign currency from the Reserve Bank of India. For goods transport, Postal department is also under the process of undertaking a plane of Air India. Earlier to this, Postal Dept. had signed deals with Indian Railways for issue of Tickets at Post Offices.

This is what proves that the survival of post offices now depends on these extra services.
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