Friday, September 7, 2007

Apple slashes iphone prices!!!!!

Apple Inc. slashed the price of the top iPhone by $200 to bolster holiday sales, but also angered loyal customers who paid top dollar in the gadget's first 10 weeks on the market.

The company also revamped its iPod media player lineup, introducing a model called iPod Touch that incorporates the iPhone's touch-screen and adds the ability to wirelessly download songs directly.

"I think it is a deep and complete line-up," Jupiter Research analyst Michael Gartenberg told media yesterday after watching Apple chief executive Steve Jobs introduce revamped iPod models and the new iPod Touch.

"A lot of consumers said they don't want a new mobile phone but they want all the other stuff the iPhone has."

Apple's tinkering with its money-making iPod line was done shrewdly, with the company adding video, memory or other coveted features while not pushing up prices, according to analysts.

"Apple has models with a range of appeal -- fashion, function, price," Gartenberg said. "Apple has set the bar high for competitors."

Apple built custom Google and Yahoo search functions into iPod Touch models, along with YouTube video viewing and an iTune Wi-Fi Music Store that permits shopping at the online store without going through a computer.

Analysts expect Apple's new iPods will help the company clinch yet another blockbuster holiday selling season. But it will also have to deal with investors who love Apple's meaty profit margins and customers who are suffering from a bit of buyer's remorse.

The 8-gigabyte iPhone will now cost $399, one-third cheaper than when it went on sale June 29. The 4-gigabyte iPhone, which sold for $499, will be phased out. By comparison, the iPod Touch will sell for $299 for the 8-gigabyte model and $399 for the 16-gigabyte one.
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