Saturday, September 22, 2007

Do Broadband users really get ‘advertised broadband’?

This question is quite significant. When the whole world is shifting towards Broadband. Companies have been seen advertising very high speeds. In UK the normal is of 18Mbps. But do they really get it?
Broadband speeds in the UK are much slower than advertised by internet service providers, a study by Computeractive magazine has found.

A small survey was held to see this astonishing results. Around 3,000 participated in this and found that 62% of them get speeds less than half of that advertised. Regulator Ofcom said it was aware of the issue and was "investigating".

The figures were gathered from more than 100,000 speed tests that the 3,000 respondents carried out to build up a picture of their average net-browsing speed on ADSL lines. Astonishing enough, some 28% found that they get less than a quarter of the speed. Very, Very few attained the top speeds and that too rarely.

This is not the first survey though. A survey last month disclosed that those who were promised a speed of 8mbps (mega bit per second) got only 2.7mbps.

A similar type of situation exists in India. Consumers are promised high speeds up to 2mbps but do they really get it? I don't think so...

What is the government going to do?? Oh! I missed out.... The market dominant company of broadband in India belongs to the government!! So, no action can be expected...
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