Wednesday, November 14, 2007

‘Secret’ Job Search Engine by Google!!

I was just browsing some websites.. when i found this....

This is said to be a secret Job Search Engine by Google.. and it seemed to me so.

I found some comments also regarding this that this was really nice and cool.... and much better than most of the other job search engines..

But then another question that comes to my mind is that,, why has Google kept it 'secret'? This is not listed anywhere.. I tried 'googling' for different terms trying to find out this site, but was unsuccessful. This is completely a secret site, I guess... But WHY?? Google can use this thing to compete the top job engines like or etc..

I also tried out searching for other things like even "CorpoAlert" but, it showed an invalid keyword. When i tried "business", it showed results like business jobs etc...

For more comments on this thing, I suggest you to visit it and find out.. -

The URL was quite long...
So, you should better try out this 'tiny url'-

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1 comments: on "‘Secret’ Job Search Engine by Google!!"

Person said...

I think you'll find this is a Google Cutom Search which has been set up by a job web site, not a secret Google product.