Sunday, December 23, 2007

Join HATE book Social Networking sites…

Don’t understand all the fuss over social networking online? Maybe you should sign-up with the likes of Snubster, Enemybook, and Hatebook. Mushrooming over the Web for the past 18 months or so, these sites seem to be born out of the desire to cock a snook at all the phony aspects of online social networking and social networking Web sites — a la Facebook, MySpace, and so on. Whether it’s Enemybook or Hatebook or Snubster, the agenda is the same — to parody and poke fun, even ‘enemy’ so-called friends and connections — acquired of course through social networking online.

Kevin Matulef (28), founder of Enemybook, says it started with a popular joke at Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT) asking whether someone was a real- or a Facebook- friend. Though Enemybook now is a full-fledged site that lets people express themselves through their dislikes.
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