Thursday, January 24, 2008

The GREAT tamil film dasavatharam date Announced…

The spectacular stunts, and second guessing which heroine will be paired against which avatharam. But the suspense is over now; the release date of what is perhaps the most awaited movie of the year has finally been officially announced.
Dasavatharam will hit theatres on April 10, 2008. But wait – there's a hotter buzz. The total prints for release numbers to an astounding 1200. Never in the history of Tamil movies has there been so many prints made for a movie. The movie is set to release not just all over South India (Tamilnadu: 275 prints, Andhra: 225, Kerala: 75, Karnataka: 75) but also all over North India with 300 Hindi prints. Prints going overseas total 250. All this could only mean that Kamal knows for certain that in Dasavatharam he has a blockbuster that will outdo everything else lined up this year.
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