Thursday, January 31, 2008

UP sugar Mills back in the black

The Sugar Companies started posting profits,Driving by lower sugarcane proce and higher revenue from value added segmenrs such as co-generation and distellary.Most of them had performed badly in the previous 3-4 quarters.

  In November 2007, the lucknow bench of the Allahabad High cort had announced an interim sugarcane price of Rs 110 a quintal, Rs 15-20 lower than the state advised price of rs.125-130 crore. All these companieshave accounted a sugarcane purchace at a rate of rs 110 crore a uintal in tune with the courts order for the ended dec 31.

Bajaj Hindustan the largest sugar producer has gained a net profit of Rs.29.67 crore for the quarter.The better performance is due to the mix of higher revenues from our distillery business,inclusion of co-generation revenues and better sugar recovery of 9.7% again.

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