Sunday, February 17, 2008

eBay sellers on strike against new policies!


eBay sellers are about to go on strike, in protest of the new eBay policies and fee hike! No Buying No selling!. The movement has been gaining momentum with the official strike thread on the community running over 11000 posts. Starting from eBay US the strike is spreading across eBay Australia, eBay UK and even eBay India!

"Ebay Has elected to change their policies that will affect thousands of sellers all over the world. It is time to fight back...Join our Crusade Feb. 18 - 25 and ban to NOT Sell or Buy on Ebay. We have a voice!!!"

Youtube Videos, Yahoo groups, eBay forums, and emailers are being used to promote the strike. eBay's proposed changes are ready to take effect from 20th Feb, this will now overlap the strike during the week 18-25th Feb.

At any given time there are millions of products for sale on eBay, it is estimated that this strike will significantly affect eBay. So why exactly the strike? There are several new policies and fee hike that eBay is introducing. Sellers feel that these changes would adversely affect their business.

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1 comments: on "eBay sellers on strike against new policies!"

SUNIT said...

hm.. this is sure to effect the online shopping world. Most of the shopping online is from eBay.