Wednesday, March 5, 2008

We are on Leave!

Hello friends,
Its quite sad on our part that, we have been unable to post anything in here, since the last sometime and also won't be able to do so for a month.

Actually, as mentioned on the About Us page, we the posters/owners here on are students of Class XII. And if you are a bit concerned of education systems out there, you will know that Class 12 students under CBSE are going to have board exams from 1st March, which are to end on some 4th April.

We, Team CorpoAlert would have our exams ended on 27th of March. After that, we would be back in full motion with everything you like. We Promise that when we are back, you will get to see a lot more new features in here.

But, our leave doesn't mean total leave. We will always try in our free time to post something or the other interesting in here, if its important. So, to keep in Touch with us, you can subscribe to our feeds.

Till then, Just a Good Bye from us, and hope for a Good Luck for Exams from you. We regret for the inconvenience.

Team Corpoalert
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1 comments: on "We are on Leave!"

Ankur said...

Comeon.. dude... CA is a team now ...

We are up and running! Cheers

Ankur form Camp OG!